Services Offered

Psychiatric Services for Adults, Adolescents, and Children
Provide assessments of adults, adolescents, and children with psychiatric and/or emotional difficulties and the prescription of medication if warranted. The psychiatrists monitor the effectiveness of the medication and possible side effects. Psychiatric nurses collaborate with the psychiatrists in providing treatment including medication administration, medication teaching and ongoing client assessment. Psychiatry differs from counseling in that psychiatrists deal with the medical aspects of mental health and prescribe medications to help patients manage symptoms.

Counseling/Psychotherapy Services (Individual & Group)
Assists adults, adolescents, and children in resolving their psychological or emotional issues by meeting face-to-face with a mental health professional. Services include individual counseling, group counseling, couples or marital counseling, and family counseling. Counseling is a way for people to improve the quality of their life by improving their state of mind. It can involve working out personal problems, changing behaviors, or trying to better understand ones world and self. Counseling is an interactive process, which means that person must participate in order for change to happen. The counselor is the catalyst who teaches the person how to reach his goals. Counseling can be in the form of individual or group therapy, and may involve medication when necessary.

Evaluation/Diagnosis/Intake/Psychological Testing Services
Provides an intensive clinical evaluation or screening, which identifies the nature and extent of the client’s psychosocial strengths and weaknesses, or mental health problems.

Case Management Services and Case Management Group 
Provides services to adults who experience severe and persistent mental illness including coordinating and participating in the development of an individualized, comprehensive service plan; providing coordination and assistance in crisis intervention and stabilization; supporting and training the individual in uses of personal and community resources; as well as encouraging and developing community support activities. Case Management Group provides treatment through education and group process opportunities designed to enhance learning and the use of skills in the community.

STAR Residential Services
This facility provides a temporary home for adults with severe mental disabilities and/or with co-occurring disorders who are striving toward community integration. The home is designed to maximize the individual’s ability to live in the least restrictive environment, attain and maintain independent living in the community, minimize hospitalization and provide them with the ability to continue to learn, grow and lead productive lives in the community. Staff is available 24 hours a day.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program 
Psychosocial rehabilitation service offers a recovery based consumer-driven program for adolescents that is designed to optimize a person’s personal, social and vocational competencies and skills in order to live successfully in the community. The day service operates Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM with special evening events planned during the year.

Emergency Prescreening and 24-hour Crisis Intervention
Provides 24-hour/7-day a week crisis intervention services for individuals experiencing emotional crisis. Evaluation and Pre-screening provides 24-hour telephone consultation and referral to professional staff who are available to provide mobile outreach assessment as well as walk in support and linkage to other needed services. also has a 24-hour screening/evaluation/referral service for residents of Delaware and Morrow Counties that assesses the need for psychiatric hospitalization. The service assures that persons experiencing a crisis are maintained in the least restrictive environment possible.